The experience

Anceu experience

The best way to discover the Anceu vibe is through our stories, projects, experiences, and especially the perspective of our colivers.

Here we share them. Happy reading!

ECHN Workshop

We will have the opportunity to imagine together. Our aim is to create an inspiring footprint in the participant’s thanks … Read more

Community, Nature, and Local Impact at Anceu Coliving

Ciclo da Auga – The Water Cycle: An Artistic Community Building Event in Anceu Village This summer, Anceu Coliving organized … Read more

Be part of Anceu Coliving 2023

Community, nature, and local impact! This is our primary drive for the next year, and we want you to be … Read more

Twin Hubs – A Creative Exchange Program

What is Creative FLIP P2P Exchange Program Twin Hubs 2022/2023? Twin Hubs – A Creative Exchange Program is part of … Read more

Rural Hackers Residencies

Welcome to Rural Hackers, a disruptive movement in the outstanding countryside of Galicia, a place where you can learn and … Read more

Happy Second Birthday, Anceu Coliving!

July is a month of celebration! This month we will have two years since we first opened Anceu Coliving, and … Read more
Anceu film fest

Community Building Activities in Anceu Coliving

Welcome to the first edition of the AFF – Anceu Film Festival! ​ A few weekends ago, our colivers Ricky … Read more
Rural Hackers

Rural Hackers – The evolution

“Sharing knowledge is the most fundamental act of friendship. Because it is a way, you can give without losing something.”– … Read more

Rural Hackers – A New Way Of Learning

Rural Hackers is based on the power of inspiration. We aim to create a place where you can find people … Read more

Anceu Coliving and Erasmus+ Projects

A way of empowering people, leaders, and change-makers through international alliances​ One of Anceu Coliving’s aims is to create positive … Read more